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My Brother is Out

26 Sep

In August my family had a family reunion where we enjoyed each other company and discussed the events and issues of our day. This week one of my sisters posted the following on Facebook. I thought it was too good not to share. While the post originally named my brother, I simply call him my brother to protect his anonymity. I also include a comment he made regarding this, and my sister’s reply. I hope you find some insight from their words.



My brother came out of the closet at the family reunion. He let us know that he is a trans-royal male. He has struggled his entire life with deep identity issues, and has always felt like he was born in the wrong situation. He wasn’t identified at birth as royalty, but from his earliest memories he has suffered with feelings that he is internally a prince or king, or at least a duke. When he first let us all know, we did not know how to respond, but we have been sympathetic to his pain.

We are hoping that doctors and scientists will be able to identify the biological reasons why he was born this way, and that the law and courts will support him, and those who struggle with him, in his desire to live like royalty, which is who he is inside.

In the meantime, I would like to ask everyone we know to please bow down to him and kiss his ring and pay him honors, as well as give him your money. To do anything less would be proof of bigotry. Please accept my trans-royal brother for who he really is, and treat him no different than you would any other king. You could not go wrong if you slip in a “your highness” or “your majesty” here and there as you speak to him.

Thank you for your tolerance and nonjudgmental attitudes. We live in an enlightened age where trans-royals will soon be recognized and will have their rights to live like royalty, without opposition, protected.

My brother, I commend you for your courage in standing up and letting the world know that you are, deep inside, royalty, and I want you to know that I accept you for what you are.

(But I don’t have to bow down, right, because I’m your sister, and so by virtue of our relationship, I must be royal too in my own way. I feel an identity crisis coming on. Wait, I used to pretend that I was Mr. Spock when I was a kid. A lot of times. Oh my word. I may be a trans-Spock! Jarom, what do I do?! I think I may be a trans-Spock ! I’ll need surgery to make my ears pointy. Uncle Sam will have to pay for it, as well as for your crown. Oh thank goodness we live in times where society is so understanding and non-judgmental and lets us be whatever we feel we are, and is willing to fund our transformations to our real selves!)



I don’t think you are trans-Spock . I think you are trans-mythical and are a fairy trapped in a human body. They also have pointed ears and that may be why you identify with Spock so much.


Oh my word! This is such a moment of self-discovery. I have been so out of touch with my true inner self until this very moment! YES!! OF COURSE I am a trans-mythical!!! That explains everything!! I am a fairy trapped in a human body, and I must find a way to express myself as such.