Little Known Propaganda

11 Jan

I have recently come across another list that someone has tried to use against the church. It is titled “17 Little Known Facts About the Mormons.” It was referenced at the blog Sound Doctrine. On this blog the author presents the list along with responses to each from a F.A.I.R. Mormon scholar, known only as CleanCut. In addition the author of this blog, known as Damon, gives a response to CleanCut.

When I first came across Damon’s blog I read only four or five of the facts with the response and the rebuttal. I was not satisfied with either, and so I have decided to write my own response. I will give only one fact per blog, so this will consist of many blog entries. I invite everyone to discuss the points.

I will not, however, comment on what CleanCut or Damon said. If you want to read what they have to say the links are above, and if you desire you may refer to their comments in any comments you make here.

Now, for this entry I will focus on the title of the list, rather than any of the actual facts. I will also make general comments as to its composition.


First, the title, at first, seems a little misleading. It says these facts are little known, but with so many people publishing these kinds of lists, with these very items appearing on a number of them, it becomes difficult to believe that they are little known, especial to the online reader. Now, to be fair, this article was written on September 24, 2008, and thus they had not yet floated around quite as much. Even considering this many of these facts have not been ‘little known’ for decades.

Another claim that made is that “All quotes given are from official LDS publications or the Bible.” This shows that the compiler does not understand what an official source of the church is, showing his lack of understanding regarding the church itself. It also makes one wonder if they have actually read the sources given, or if they are just harvesting quotes from other sites and lists. For instance, they quote from the book “Mormon Doctrine” written by Bruce. R. McConkie. However, this book was his work, and his alone, which he states in the opening. In fact, Elder McConkie was censured for writing it and for some time the church would not let it be published. While I enjoy the book, and I agree with much of what it says, I would never hold it up as an official church publication.

There is also a frequent lack of understanding on the part of the compiler of this list. They present a single sentence snippet that is generally geared for sensationalism, not accuracy. On occasion the statement includes aspects that are completely false, but are included for their shock value. At other times the statements, though technically corrected, are worded so that the reader will get the wrong impression from the shock value of the wording.

So, none of this is for the simple purpose of conveying information, but is a propaganda piece designed to scare people away from the LDS church.

I also note that on occasion the compiler tries to use various Bible verses in an attempt to show that LDS doctrine contradicts the Bible. There are two problems with these attempts. Either the compiler misunderstands LDS doctrine or provides a verse that does not contract the doctrine.


So, with these things in mind I will begin to post responses to the 17 facts that the author lists.


One Response to “Little Known Propaganda”

  1. shematwater January 22, 2016 at 6:39 pm #

    Since I wrote the first few posts in this series, Damon, the author of the blog which first introduced my to this list, has expressed some desire to have me reply directly to his and CleanCut’s comments regarding each fact. I have decided that I will try to comply.
    I will continue to leave the basic blog without a discussion of their comments, but I will put in the comments section a brief commentary on what CleanCut and Damon had to say.

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