29 Jul

Today I received a comment on one of my previous articles asking a number of questions about the LDS faith and my blog in particular. I have chosen to answer them in this article so that I may given due consideration to each and not detract from the focus of the article to which they were originally posted.

This is what was said.

You say defending the truth… why do so many think you are a cult? Why don’t you believe in the trinity? Why do you say Jesus was crucified on a stake instead of a Cross? Why do you not believe in the literal meaning of Hell? That it is a place of eternal torment for ones that reject Christ… ones that DENY the trinity, that deny the very truth you claim to defend?

I will address each question in turn.

First, the poster states “You say defending the truth…” Then, by asking the questions, the clear implication is that I am not doing what I say I am doing in the title of this blog. I understand this. They are asking “If you are defending the truth than why do you not teach etc. etc.?” It is a valid question to ask if you accept these things as true. I , however, do not. I defend what I know and believe to be the truth, not what others believe to be the truth. Yes, I think others are wrong and I am right, and I will continue to think that. That does not mean others aren’t entitled to think that they are right and I am wrong.

So, lets get to the actual questions.

Q. Why do so many think you are a cult?

A. Most people who think this do not understand what a cult is and do not understand the doctrine and practices of the LDS church. I have yet to hear a scholar make the accusation unless they have a clear agenda that involves the tearing down of our faith. Those who do make the accusation do so because they know they have to vilify the church in order to turn people away from it.


Q. Why don’t you believe in the trinity?

A. Because I do not see it in the Bible. The trinity is the result of a fusion between the true gospel and Greek philosophy that crept into Christianity over the course of many years. It is a false concept. The Bible clearly speaks of three distinct beings; The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost. It makes clear distinction between them in their role, their authority, and their existence. Beyond this, the very idea is a logical contradiction.

We rather believe in the Godhead which agrees perfectly with all passages of the Bible, and has no internal contradictions that require one to abandon logic and reason to accept. I actually wrote an article on this.


Q. Why do you say Jesus was crucified on a stake instead of a cross?

A. Well, you are going to have to provide a reference because this is the first time I have ever heard this. I have always been taught that Christ was crucified, which is to be hung on a cross. It is taught clearly in the Bible, as well as in our other scriptures. For example, D&C 138: 35 states “that redemption had been wrought through the sacrifice of the Son of God upon the cross.” Also, in 1 Nephi 11: 3 it tells us that “Nephi, saw that [Jesus] was lifted up upon the cross and slain for the sins of the world.” Other references can be given, including talks from modern prophets, that all testify that Christ was crucified on a cross.


Q. Why do you not believe in the literal meaning of Hell? That it is a place of eternal torment for ones that reject Christ…ones that DENY the trinity, that deny the very truth you claim to defend?

A. Do you know what we teach regarding Hell? Hell is a very real place, and is a place of endless torment for all those that reject Christ. The difference in our doctrine is not what Hell is, but what constitutes rejecting Christ. Most people I have talked too say that those who have never even heard of Christ have rejected him because they never accepted him. To us this is nonsense and destroys the mercy of God. We also don’t hold that a person who simply hears the message of the gospel and disagrees with it has rejected Christ. They have been blinded to the truth, and so they are unable to reject it. Rather, we hold that in order to reject Christ one must first have accept him, and then turn against him, rejecting what they once had. These are the ones that will rot in hell for eternity.

Besides this, anyone who dies without baptism (except children) will suffer in hell for a period of time before the mercy of God will pull them out. This is also different than most peoples belief, but it is fully supported in the Bible. In psalm 16: 10 David declares “thou wilt not leave my soul in hell” which means that his soul would be in hell for at least some time. Also, in Revelation 20: 13 we read that “death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them” and thus they were brought out of hell.


Now, I will continue to defend the truth, regardless of what others think of it or whether they agree that it is, in fact, the truth.


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