The Whole Armor of God: Part Two – Putting It On

25 Feb

I was going to just do a single article here, but found it was simply too long. So I am separating it into three parts. The First is a description of the Armor; the second discusses how we put the armor on; and the third tells of the Sword. I hope you appreciate this.

We have now discussed what the whole armor of God is.  When we take on the Full Armor we are protecting ourselves, in all aspects of life, against all types of temptation.  But how then do we put on this armor?  Is it something that we can wear occasionally and then put it off as it suits us?  Can we wear the breastplate of righteousness if your hearts swell with pride and our desires do not focus on righteousness?  Can we place the helmet of salvation on a head that only thinks of worldly treasures and the honors of men?  How do we prepare ourselves to wear the full armor of God and protect ourselves in this world of sin.

In reading a few pass conference ensigns I have found two great statements that tell us perfectly how we may put on this armor and gain the protection that we all need.

In April, 2001, Elder Neal A. Maxwell said “As sovereigns, choosing to yield to the Highest Sovereign is our highest act of choice. It is the only surrender which is also a victory! The putting off of the natural man makes possible the putting on of the whole armor of God, which would not fully fit before!”  Is this not a great statement.  I think we are all familiar with King Benjamin’s statement that the Natural man is an enemy to God unless he yields to the spirit.  We must put off the natural man before we can wear the whole armor of God, and thus we must yield to the enticing of the spirit.

In October of 2011, J. Devn Cornish Of the Seventy said “…in our prayers we may begin the protective process of putting on the whole armor of God by looking forward to the day ahead and asking for help with the sometimes frightening things we may face. Please, my friends, do not forget to ask the Lord to protect and be with you.”  Once we have put off the natural man we must then turn to God in prayer for assistance in putting on his armor which will protect us throughout our lives.


One Response to “The Whole Armor of God: Part Two – Putting It On”

  1. JR March 22, 2013 at 9:56 pm #

    My daughter recently learned about this very subject in Seminary. Her Seminary teacher did a good job in explaining the whole armor of God, just like you did. I had forgotten about this. A lot to think about, and learn.

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