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17 Sep

At this time I would like to say a few words about the blogging society; at least those blogs that are dedicated to the destruction of the LDS church.  This is simply observation, and is thus opinion, and is not meant to be fact.  Rather, it is my perception of those who have created blogs for this specified purpose.  I have noticed a few commonalities that all of them seem to share, and it is these points that I will here discuss.

Before I do so it is important to note that I am not only discussing the actual blog, but also those who frequent them, and post on a fairly regular basis, having the same basic intent as those writing the blogs.

It is also important to point out that I am not just a casual observer who has had little experience.  While it is true that I have never had my own blog before, I have been a regular reader and poster on various blogs for a number of years.  Thus I am speaking from personal experience.

So, without any further ado, here are a few things I have noticed about the various blogs I have read and commented on.

Commonality One:  Superiority

It seems that everyone who is not a member is better qualified to teach what the LDS church teaches than any member ever could be.  This is the most common attitude, and is frequently hinted at by the many posters on the various blogs.  I have been told frequently that I just simply can’t understand the truth because I have been brainwashed, or because I just don’t want to, or for a number of other reasons.  It seems that once a person is a member of the church they lose all credibility in discussing it and its doctrine.

Commonality Two:  Doctrinal Concealment

This goes along with the first, and will lead into the third.  Frequently it is said that members are really ignorant of what the church actually teaches; the reason for this being that the church tries to hide its doctrine, not only from the world, but from the membership.  This is a main reason why the first point is held to be true:  The non-members don’t have anything hidden from them like the membership does.  It seems to be a great conspiracy, and all the members really need is to learn this concealed truth (from the more credible anti-Mormons) and they will leave the church in droves.

Of course, it seems to be a little difficult for the various blogs to agree on what is being concealed, but all agree that something is.

Commonality Three:  Professions of Concern

Every single blog, and most of the posters, make frequent confessions of concern.  They are not in the blogging world to destroy the LDS faith or church, but to show Mormons the truth and thus save them from the damnation they perceive.  Of course, they show this concern not by teaching what they believe to be true, but by teaching how they think the LDS church is false.  While they profess the intention of leading to truth, they don’t seem to be too focused on it, but rather on the tearing down of the LDS.

This is not quite accurate though, and to be fair I will point out that most do make some statement as to their belief.  However, it is usually no more than one or two sentences (following a page or two of attacks on the LDS) and generally only consists of a basic statement that “It is all in Christ, and nothing else matters.”  This is usually said in a manner as to convey the basic superiority mentioned earlier:  “I am right because I am me, and so you should listen,” is the basic attitude.

Commonality Four:  An appeal to ex-Mormons

It seems that people get the opinion that because someone used to be a part of something they are more authoritative than those who still are.  It is frequently said that the blogs have accurate information because they are relying on those who, at some time in the past (rarely is the actually time given) were once a member, but for whatever reason left the church.  Personally, I have never met a former member who is anything like the people mentioned.  I have met the inactive, and those who have requested to have their names removed from the record.  Only on rare occasions have I even heard of people who have become hostile to the church, and in general, they were not very reliable in what they said.  But that doesn’t really seem to matter in the blogging world.  If someone was a former member then they have to know the truth. 

Commonality Five:  More Error than Accuracy

This is the last one that I will comment on.  The others spoke more to the general attitude that the various bloggers have displayed in regards to the LDS church.  This one speaks more to their credibility.  All of them seem to have little accuracy in what they claim.  Here are a few general ways in which people make errors.

It is common for people to claim something as core, essential doctrine, when it is truly unimportant and will never have any effect on the eternal soul of the individual.

Then there is the frequent misrepresentation of what the LDS leaders have said.  It is common to give a quote, and then declare its meaning (since they are non-members they have to know); yet not understanding a word of what is actually being said.

The last inaccuracy that is common is that of taking ideas and throwing them around as if they were doctrine, or that they carry more meaning, or a different meaning, then they really do.  The difference between this third one and the second is that in this case there is generally no quote, or even an analysis of the facts of the idea.  It is generally a short sentence (maybe up to ten words) that is tossed out without any support.

There are other things that could be mentioned, but this will suffice.  Maybe at a later time I will comment on the tactics of the bloggers, but I refrain at this time.

Thank You.


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